Samstag, 7. März 2015

Diamonds are the stars of the Earth

Hello Colorlover, 

I finally managed to post a new look, due to good weather! I wanted to share with you this look, as I think the spring season needs more colorful prints and pieces. This look isn't colorful, but I love the diamond prints on it.

What do you think? Are prints for spring great or don't you like prints on clothes at all?

Dress: Bershka

Pants: H&M
Sunglasses: IAM

Sonntag, 1. März 2015

Shop my Illustrations

Hello Colorlovers, 

I have been working on implementing my new illustrations here on my blog so you can purchase them.

All my illustrations are now available on REDBUBBLE
I have two collections, one is called "Cupcake Collection" and the other "Chimera" those were made during my studies at HMKW in Cologne and actually were really fun to create them. 

On my blog you can also see which illustrations are available on the page called "SHOP"

On instagram there will be mostly shown, how the illustrations are made, but some of them can't be shown, because at that time back then, I wasn't capturing the working process, but hope you enjoy the newer collections and feel free to tell me how you like it. 

I also have now a facebook page. You can click here to get to my new facebook page FACEBOOK

The illustrations are available as Posters, Cards, Canvas, Framed Pictures, Photography, Stickers, Mugs, Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, Cases and Skins for electronic devices and T-Shirt/Hoodies.

If you have any questions, you can write me down here in the comments or use the e-mail box on the right bar of my blog, on facebook or through instagram. 

Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

Chen Man Photography for Grazia China

Hello colorlovers, 

I had for a few weeks no internet and was cut out of the world for a while. But hey it's back now and it was pretty much great without internet :) 

Anyways, today I found some lovely photos of the photographer Chen Man

She is a fashion photographer, who studied four years at the Central Academy of Fine Arts High School. She first started learning at the Department of the Central Academy of Drama, and then continued to the Photography Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts to study four years. Her photographic works have been published in well-known fashion magazines.

See here where you can reach her:

I am impressed by her creativity in mixing photography, with drawing and the color contrasts but check out by yourself and let me know what you think of her work of art?

What cought my eyes is her latest work for Grazia China. See the pictures!

Other work from her portfolio Dharmas

Montag, 26. Januar 2015

Designer of the Week – Vika Gazinskaya

Hello colorlovers, 

I am always impressed by new, to me unknown, designers and find out their amazing work. The following designer is a true fashion artist!

The cuts and the colors and prints, are well put together, to form a complete dress or look. The looks to me, have something of a painting, you can say a minimal art painting. 

The designer is called Vika Gazinskaya, I have never seen a lot of russian fashion designers, and here I have my first impression of how amazing russian fashion designers are.

Their website VIKA GAZINSKAYA is a bit slow loading to me and I couldn't see an actual Spring Summer collection for 2014, except on different pages outside their website like modaoperandi.
So you have to search through the web to see some of the collections. I also found their facebook page just click here.

I especially loved the ones with the rubans and the combination with a short cape full of lovely paisley like patterns. Another things that caught my eye aswell, next to the prints are the straight cuts which make the looks feel timeless to me, just like a painting! A painting on a nice white canvas. 

Well I picked up the looks, that I loved the most, so just let me know what you think and how you like the looks and style of 

Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Designer of the week – Hamda Al Fahim

Hello colorlovers,

Fall and Winter 14 of the amazing UAE Fashion Designer Hamda Al Fahim has some amazing dresses. 

They are just mindblowing, Loved especially the one with the embroidery, that I have posted on Instagram

Like always I picked up the dresses that I liked the most.

Write in the comments below, how you like them? Would you wear a dress of Hamda Al Fahim on any occasion?
Would love to know your thoughts.. 

BTW: I have a poll on the top right part of my blog, it's for an upcoming project, would be great of you, if you can answer it.. Thank you so much anyways for keeping this page colored xx 

The credits of these pictures you can see in this post are taken from Hamda Al Fahim's Website.

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

ChriMaLuxe – Mineral Make-Up

Hello colorlovers, 

I am absolutely not into doing reviews especially not makeup, but I wanted to show you ladies still, this kind of pigmented mineral makeup, that I have been lately using, because I haven't seen it on other bloggers maybe on 2, but it's not that well known somehow.

I was in search for a new makeup and I actually wanted it on a mineral base and came along ChriMaLuxe. They mostly use ingredients like iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, etc..and 
they don't use  oils, fats, preservatives, talc and other fragrance substances! So it's absolutely free from harsh chemicals. 

Well I tried 9 examples of them out, and here is what I came up with at the end.

I ordered 9 samples of different categories: eyeshadows, blush, foundation, silk powder and concealer. I have a slightly light skin color with golden undertones.

I absolutely loved the high pigmented eyeshadows. You can easily blend them, so you can reach the color level you like. I love natural colors actually, so that's why I chose brown and a bit of reddish color tones.

Depending the blush No12, it was very very light colored, It doesn't matter how much powder I use of it, it is still light. Sometimes I have to put more and more of it, to reach the right color to contour my face! Well the other blush No04 is really heavy, from this one I just use it on the sides of my cheekbones and I never go in the middle of my face with it, it would look cakey! I guess I chose this wrong for myself.

The Foundation I was very happy with, especially "and actually only the Jasmin caramel one" which was meant for my skincolor. The Jasmin olive opaque is suitable for women with greenish undertones. I thought it would work aswell on me, but it absolutely didn't. Plus if you apply this foundation, your dry patches on your face might not get covered at all. Make sure you moisturize your face if you want to use it. Then it works well.

The concealer was just the master!!! It covered everything!!!
It was just definitely too light. When I put it on myself, it is like you can truly see that I put on concealer, so this is just if you have a really pale white skintone. I wouldn't use this concealer ever as concealer but more brighten up little dark patches. It totally covered up the blush as you can see on the last photo. My favorite concealer still will remain the one from benefit "fake up".

I haven't put a photo of it here, because I really think it is just a usual powder with no effects. I just couldn't see any effect of it on my skin to be honest. Whatever I do there doesn't show up any noticable results.

So, to use these mineral powders, is good if you mix the pigments with your daily make-up or the foundations with your facial creams. If you use them without mixing it with other cosmetics, then you have to make sure to use a very good brush and blend well. 

Tell me what you think of them, and is there anyone who also tried them out, if so how did you like it?